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Nice and Relaxing Thai Massage and Spa
In a tranquil oasis

Nice Relaxing Thai Massage and Spa is honored to offer you a relaxing meditative atmosphere with all our treatments inspired by traditional Thai and Chinese healing philosophies especially chosen for your pleasure. Our spa has created luxurious private single and couple’s rooms to enjoy your fantastic experiences in the heart of Sydney CBD. The peace of your own special space enables you to indulge your senses, soothe your body, revitalize your spirit and create a peaceful mind.

Reflexology Foot Massage

The art of massage to specific parts of the hands or feet,
to promote healing in other area’s of the body.

Foot Massage
30mins $49 60mins $79 90mins $109 120mins $149

Foot Massage + Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage
60mins $79 90mins $109 120mins $149

Foot Massage + Foot Scrub
60mins $89 90mins $129 120mins $169

Legs and Foot Massage
60mins $89 90mins $129 120mins $169

Short Massage (30 mins)

Choice of Specific area;
1) Head, Neck and shoulders Massage
2) Shoulders and Back massage
3) Legs Massage

Light to Medium Pressure
Without Oil $45 With Oil $60

Medium to Hard Pressure
Without Oil $50 With Oil $65

Whole Body Dry Massage

Thai Massage
60mins $79 90mins $109 120mins $149
This is a “Dry” Massage Light to medium pressure aimed to relieve muscular and joint tension, increase flexibility, stimulate internal organs and re-energise your body. The receiver may be positioned in a variety of yoga-like positions then assisted by stretching and massaging muscles

Thai “Yoga” Experience
60mins $89 90mins $119 120mins $159
Our therapists will perform our distinctive THAI YOGA MASSAGE, which uses stretching and compression massage techniques in a series of assisted yoga postures to encourage a free flow of energy and a more balanced meditative state.

Thai Massage with Hot Stones
60mins $89 90mins $119 120mins $159

Thai Massage with Boxing Oil
60mins $89 90mins $119 120mins $159

“Chi” Massage
60mins $89 90mins $119 120mins $159
A deep tissue and slow firm pressure massage as Chinese heritage technique is great experiences for you.

Whole Body Oil Massage

Chosen the natural oil created to promote and
stimulate an enhance feeling of well-being through its unique composition.

Nice & Relaxing Aromatic Oil Massage
60mins $95 90mins $139 120mins $185
An exclusive massage unique to “NICE RELAXING”, Signature Designed as a deeply relaxing treatment aimed to improve lymphatic and blood circulation, this light to medium pressure massage combines the nourishing properties of natural oil, infused with pure essential oils to lift your spirits, soothe your mind and relax your body.

Organic Oil Massage
60mins $99 90mins $145 120mins $185
This light-to-medium pressure Swedish massage employs long gliding strokes with kneading to induce a deep state of relaxation. Combining the therapeutic benefits of Organic Oil blended from Sunflower oil and almond oil to enhance your mood and awaken your senses.

Hawaii Massage
60mins $99 90mins $145 120mins $185

Stress Relief Massage (Deep Massage)
60mins $99 90mins $145 120mins $185

HOT Oil Massage
60mins $109 90mins $159 120mins $199

Soy Milk Candle
60mins $109 90mins $159 120mins $199

Aloe Vera Massage
60mins $109 90mins $159 120mins $199
Aloe Vera Gel help held sunburned, soothe inflammation and reduce scarring. Used topically in a massage gel, it may help speed cell regeneration and ease such conditions as psoriasis, eczema, acnes and skin ulcers.

Hot Stone Massage
60mins $109 90mins $159 120mins $199

Magic Touch Signature

Golden Touch Signature (Four Hands)
2 therapists 4 hands
60mins $169 90mins $239 120mins $329
This four hands massage by two therapists integrates the ancient art of balance to harmonize mind and body using Organic Oil combined energy of TWO well-trained therapists to restores the natural energy of the body to an equilibrium of peace and harmony.

Platinum Touch Signature (Six Hands)
3 therapists 6 hands
60mins $269 90mins $399 120mins $489
A unique combination of Traditional Thai massage, Swedish massage and Acupressure performed by skilled 6 therapists. This is a soft to medium massage for your mind, body and soul.

Diamond Touch Signature (Eight Hands)
4 therapists 8 hands
60mins $359 90mins $539 120mins $659
It is something much more than massage. It is an experience that promote overall wellbeing and has been especially created for those who looking for a totally relaxing sensation.

The Platinum Essential
Organic Spa Facial Treatment

Express Facial Treatment
30 mins $60

Cream Mask Treatment
• Normal, Dry and Sensitive Skin
• Nourish, Calm, Nurture

60 mins $99

Age Vita-renewal
• Normal, Dry and Mature
• Rivitalise, Restore, Intensive

60mins $99
Based on a high concentration of vitamin C and E, this treatment will restore youthful radiance and aid in reducing the visible signs of ageing. Combined freshly for you during the treatment, the vitamin boost is designed to promote cell renewal and bring clarity to tried complexions.

Multi-detox clay treatment
• Normal, Dry and Mature
• Rivitalise, Restore, Intensive

60 mins $99
The High potency multi-clay mask, with kaolin & bentonite, is formulated to promote cell renewal, detoxify and clam normal, combination and oily skin types. The blend of active ingredients will ensure your skin reclaims a healthy glow.

Biohydra Mask
• Most skin types
• Sooth, Hydrate, Replenish

60 mins $99

Organic Spa Body Treatment

Organic Sea Salt Scrub
60mins $99
Ideal for removing dead skin cells, this invigorating exfoliating treatment uses a mix of pre-blended essential oils and sea salt that will leave your skin feeling soft and revitalized

Hydrating Body Mask
60mins $109
Combing rich oils and nut butter with Kaolin clay, this formula provides and intense hydration experience, the silky cream infuses the skin with vitamin E to help promote skin elasticity and provide antioxidant properties to the body.

Detox & Purify Body Clay
60mins $109
This clay prodder has been formulated with specific ingredients to draw imparities from the body, combined with the hydrating body mask the powder forms into a silky clay with antibacterial properties. The skin will be left feeling hydrated after.

Amazing Thailand (1.5hr)
Single $119 Couple $229
* 10 mins Aromatic Foot bath
* 60 mins Traditional Thai Massage with Tiger Balm
* 20 mins Siam Head Massage
* Serving the organic tea

Foot Heaven Signature (2 hrs)
Single $159 Couple $299
* 10 mins Aromatic Foot Bath
* 30 mins Foot Scrub
* 60 mins Foot Reflexology Massage
* 20 mins Hot stones + Legs Stretching Technique
* Serving the organic tea
(Extra Foot steam 20 mins $35)

Stress Buster (1.5hr)
Single $159 Couple $299
* 10 mins Aromatic Foot Bath
* 60 mins Soy Candle Oil Massage
* 20 mins Heavenly Head Massage, Neck and Shoulders Massage
* Serving the organic tea

Nice Relaxing Signature (2hrs)
Single $189 Couple $369
* 10 mins Aromatic Foot Bath
* 20 mins Foot Reflexology Massage
* 90 mins Relaxing Oil Massage
(Choice of Aromatic Oil Massage, Organic Oil Massage or Hot oil Massage)
* Serving the organic tea

Dream Honey Moon (2hrs)
Single $209 Couple $399
* 10 mins Aromatic Foot Bath
* 20 mins Foot Reflexology Massage
* 60 mins Selection of Body Massage
(excluding Golden Touch, Platinum Touch and Diamond Touch)
* 30 mins Body Scrub or Foot Scrub or Mini Facial Treatment
* Serving the Organic Tea and Thai dessert

  • Prices are for the time between 10am untill 10.45pm
  • *10.46pm until 2 am please CLICK HERE for check different rate