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Nice and Relaxing Thai Massage and Spa
In a tranquil oasis

Nice Relaxing Thai Massage and Spa is honored to offer you a relaxing meditative atmosphere with all our treatments inspired by traditional Thai and Chinese healing philosophies especially chosen for your pleasure. Our spa has created luxurious private single and couple’s rooms to enjoy your fantastic experiences in the heart of Sydney CBD. The peace of your own special space enables you to indulge your senses, soothe your body, revitalize your spirit and create a peaceful mind.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Short Massage (30 mins)

Ear Candle

Whole Body Dry Massage

Whole Body Oil Massage

Magic Touch Signature

The Platinum
Essential Organic
Spa Facial Treatment

Organic Spa
Body Treatment

Day Spa Packages

  • Prices are for the time between 10am untill 10.45pm
  • *10.46pm until 2 am please CLICK HERE for check different rate